About us

IKM Laboratorium

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IKM Laboratorium AS was the first company in IKM's history, and the very beginning of the adventure. The company currently has 85 employees, an a turnover of 150 MNOK. Since the start in 1989, we have grown to become Norway's leading provider of calibration and rental services. IKM Laboratorium performs accredited calibration of most instrument types.

Our head office is located in Tananger near Stavangger, but we also have departments in Bergen, Oslo, Raufoss and Larvik. 

I 1993, we performed our first accredited calibration, and have been an accredited company ever since. Please see our accreditation certificate (CAL009). 

Interdisciplinarity is our strength. We supply accredited calibration and measuring instruments in most fields. Typical industries we supply to are: offshore, energy, maritime, food, public sector and industry.


IKM Laboratory is accredited according to NS-EN ISO / IEC 17025, accredited calibration laboratory CAL009.

We also hold the following certifications (download):

•    ISO 9001
•    ISO 45001
•    Achilles Oil and Gas
•    Achilles Utillities NCE
•    Achilles TransQ
•    Magnet JQS

Our personnel have long experience, and our standards have a good history. We perform all our calibrations according to recognized standards and with traceability to national or international standards