IKM Laboratorium offers accredited calibration of all types of measuring points and meters in accordance with relevant standards and requirements.

We cover the entire value chain from the power producer via the central grid, the regional grid, to the high- & low-voltage distribution grid and all the way to the households that have AMS meters. Our measurements are in accordance with regulations prepared by Justervesenet, Statnett and REN.

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IKM Laboratorium offers the following services in this field:

  1. Random checks according to Adjustment regulations.
    Calibration of a larger number of meters based on statistical selection and reported to the Adjustment Service and input control of new meters.
  2. Calibration of meters in connection with customer complaints, entrance control and temperature test. IKM can check directly connected meters during operation to clarify customer complaints.
  3. Control of measuring point and meter. Thermography, troubleshooting and simple measuring point control. We offer control of measuring points in low voltage networks in accordance with the RENblad-4000 series for quality control.
  4. Accredited calibration of measuring point. IKM Lab offers calibration and documentation of a complete measuring point with a meter in the overall network and production in accordance with Statnett Requirements for Measurement of Central Network Exchange (KTM) and NVE requirements for guarantee of originEnergimåling i felt