Marine Suitcases

IKM Laboratorium's marine suitcases ensure that you always have calibrated instruments on board.

IKM Laboratorium is in collaboration with IKM Instrutek the leading supplier of rotation control systems to the shipbuilding industry. We manage the system for our customers, and ensure that the customer's ships always have calibrated instruments on board (according to E0 requirements from SOLAS). IKM currently has about 500 marine suitcases in rotation all over the world. We deliver suitcases that are specially made for:

  1. Tankers / FPSO
  2. Supply vessels, anchor traders and other support vessels
  3. Bulk / Cargo / Containership

The scheme works so that a shipping company that has, for example, 10 ships buys a suitcase for each ship plus a number that goes to the rotation function. IKM Laboratorium sends a new suitcase before the certificates for the old suitcase have expired. The vessel then sends in an old suitcase to IKM Laboratorium. IKM keeps this suitcase until the next boat needs calibrated equipment. This ensures that the vessels at all times have valid documentation on their instruments and one does not have to be without measuring instruments no matter where the ship may be in the world.