Field Calibration & Instrument Service

Everything that is calibrated in our premises on land, we can also perform in the field at the customer's location. We work onshore and offshore at home and abroad.

IKM Laboratorium på vei ut for å kalibrere på en offshore oljeplattform

Key points:

  • Service, calibration, measurement and testing of a wide range of processes and instruments on site.
  • Access to a large and versatile instrument park with relevant reference instruments according to your needs.
  • Broad and long experience results in an efficient execution, solutions and good and correct dialogue with customers.

The following assignments are solved at the customer's location:

  • Pressure: We take most things within pressure, including: manometer, transmitters, level measurement, Wellbore sensors & PSV certification etc.
  • Temperature: Analog, digital, transmitters & thermocouple.
  • Electrical: Multimeters, megs, multicalibrators & telecommunications equipment.
  • Mechanical: Torque wrenches, calipers, micrometers, weights & load cells.
  • Flow: Leak test of ESD valves. Capacity tests of fire water systems.
  • 3-party verification: impartial verification of measurements ex. roughneck
  • Level sensor: Verification of the status of level sensors (rows) also full calibration in system.
  • Tank system: Calibrate tank system (mud tank, trip tank, pits) and substrate to create new tank table.
  • Troubleshooting: Our personnel also have good experience / expertise in troubleshooting process plants in connection with service / calibration of instrumentation.



  We have advanced equipment for logging of     e.g. pressure and temperature.