Safety valves: Testing, Service & Repair

IKM Laboratorium performs testing, service and repair of a number of safety valves, when submitted or in the field.




This includes:

  • PSV (Pressure Safety Valves)
  • PRV (Pressure Relief Valves)
  • PVV (Pressure Vacuum Valves)
  • PV (Pilot Valves)

When submitting:

  • Contact:
  • Location: Ljosheimvegen 12, 4051 Sola
  • Diameter: ¼ ”- 10”
  • Coupling: Thread / flange
  • Medium: Gas / liquid
  • Documentation: Available on the web
  • Procedure: ISO 4126-1, API527
  • When maintenance and repair are required, disassembly, sanding of seats, glass blowing, replacement of parts and painting are carried out.

Out in the field:

  • Contact: calibration.ikmlab@ikm.noPSV Testbenk
  • Location: At the customer's request. Test containers with test unit and repair options.
  • All data from safety valve testing is stored in our database. Full access to test history, either on single valves or multiple valves set in system.
  • Our personnel have extensive experience and understanding of quality, customer needs and HSE.
  • The service is adapted to the customer's needs for personnel and equipment package.
  • We have several DNV 271 ATEX test containers that are equipped as a complete valve workshop and can accommodate up to 12 "flange valves and threaded valves.
  • Executions according to recognized ISO and API standard or customer procedures and acceptance criteria.