PSV: Service & Certification

IKM Laboratorium performs testing, service, maintenance and repair of a multitude of valves.




This includes:

  • PSV (Pressure Safety Valves)
  • PRV (Pressure Relief Valves)
  • PVV (Pressure Vacuum Valves)
  • PV (Pilot Valves)


Key information:

  • Location: Ljosheimvegen 12, 4051 Sola, Norway
  • Diameter range: ¼” - 10”
  • Coupling: Threaded/flanged
  • Medium: Gas/liquid
  • Documentation: Available on web
  • Procedure: ISO 4126-1, API527


Contact us for more information or send your valve to our location. We will make sure that your valves allow for safe operation, so you can perform at the highest level!