About us

IKM Maskinering offers a wide range of services within engineering, machining, welding and installation. We have broad mechanical experience, both from the offshore and onshore industry. All departments have good facilities with modern machinery, so as to be able to deliver services of the right quality, price and at the agreed time.

IKM Maskinering offers everything from a simple examination of products to increase the effectiveness of parts for the purpose of production and throughput. This is done to help the customer with the design and complete documentation of the product for the task to be performed. The drawing programme used is Solid Works Proff.

IKM Maskinering Footer
IKM Maskinering Footer
IKM Maskinering AS
Breivikveien 17, 4120 Tau, Norway,  T: +47 51 75 44 44,       E: IKMmaskinering@IKM.no