IKM Laboratorium - Kalibrering

IKM Measurement Services Australia are a specialist service provider to the oil and gas industry offering solutions for the rental of measurement equipment and the calibration of customer measurement equipment in a NATA approved laboratory or mobilization to customer assets Offshore and Onshore. 

NATA accredited instrument Calibration and PSV/PRV Testing/Certification
NATA certificates are provided for all calibrated and tested equipment. 
All customers’ certificates and test reports are available on www.ikm.com for easy access. Clients are provided with a unique user name and password provided by IKM Measurement Services Australia

Our services include maintenance and repairs via testing and verification to accredited calibration of fiscal metering systems.

Electrical: NATA or Traceable calibrations:
Typical examples: 
Insulation Testers 
Digital multimeters, Digital process calibrators, Micro Ohm/Lo Ohm, Multifunction Testers, Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Digital Scope meters
Oscilloscopes, Tachometers, Current loop calibrators.

Flow/ Volume
Flow (water): NATA or Traceable calibrations: 
Typical examples : Turbine meters, direct indicating water flow meters, Coriolis Flowmeters 
Flow/volume (product): NATA Accredited or traceable calibrations

Mass/ Weight
Weight: To NATA or Traceable calibrations: 
Scales and Load Cells

Mechanical: NATA or Traceable calibrations:  
Typical examples: Micrometers, dial calipers, dial gauges 
Torque Wrenches

Temperature/ Humidity

Humidity: NATA or Traceable calibrations: 

Temperature: NATA (or traceable) calibrations:   
Typical examples: Pt-elements, transmitters, digital indicators, mechanical indicators, IR Thermometer, Thermocouples, Temperature Baths

Pressure: NATA Calibrations:
Range: vacum to 2600 bar
Typical examples: Deadweight testers, transmitters (dp, static and absolute), digital indicators. 
Calibrators, manometres, recorders.

Testing of PSV/PRV
NATA  Testing and Certification
Range: 0 - 2000 bar

On-site (offshore & onshore) Calibration and Testing

Personnel from IKM are ready for mobilization both onshore and offshore for Instrument Calibration and PRV/PSV setting and Certification
NATA or traceable Testing and Certification