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The main office at IKM Mekaniske AS is situated in Stavanger. The company has its primary focus on offshore companies, rig companies and local shipbuilding industry. The main priorities of the company are steel constructions, pipe systems and process equipment in all material qualities.

We consider ourselves as an adjustable company, and ensure our competence by focusing on our own employees. We see systematically updating of skilled qualifications and development of internal quality routines as a constantly process.

IKM Mekaniske AS was established in 1994. The company was first established at Sola, and then at Nærbø. In 1995, one part of the manufacture moved to Hinna, Boganesveien 48, after this was bought up by Alfred Paulsen Contracting AS. By this, the manufacturing of pipes was back at Sola. In 1999, the pipe- and steel factory moved the workshop and main office to Jåttåvågen.


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IKM Mekaniske Footer
IKM Mekaniske AS
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