Field Development

Field Development and system Design-surf engineering

IKM Ocean Design has a long experience with field development and system engineering that includes efficiently connect risers, flexibles, rigid lines, spools and templates.

We have performed as a SURF integration contractor in several projects, ensuring a complete and holistic view on all details.

System and design activities includes:

  • All interfacing studies and contracts
  • System safety level, system pigging requirements, system corrosion protection.

The flowline system shall be properly defined and consistent. This includes the delivery of:

  • Field layouts
  • Schematics from topside process to well with major P&ID
  • Piggable item list
  • Detailed piping and instrument diagram

The coordination and management of project risks shall ensure that the system has been designed such that it:

  • Meets the defined safety objective
  • Has required resistance against planned operational loads
  • Has sufficient margins against accidental loads
  • Has sufficient margins against unplanned operational conditions
  • Has complete coverage of corrosion protection system
  • Optimum solutions are selected

 Project References
•    Johan Castberg SURF Integration
•    Johan Sverdrup Phase 1 and 2
•    Troll Phase 3
•    Alta Gotha Field Development
•    Europipe branch pipeline
•    Martin Linge
•    Dvalin