Materials, Corrosion and Welding


Material selection for subsea systems and corrosion protection scheme is paramount to ensure uninterupted operability and safe lifetime for subsea system.

IKM Ocean Design will perform activities to ensure that the material and welding used will be design for safe delivery over time. External corrosion protection design is performed as a standard for most projects. If required, internal corrosion analysis will also be performed and result in a material selection that is inert to the fluid.

The company have extensive experience in welding and is often involed in writing or performing reviews of welding specifications (pWPS, WPS, WPQ).

Lifetime extension has been an area that has grown and will be growing for the time to come. IKM Ocean Design have been involved in this area, performing mechanical analysys and corrosion evaluations from survey reports.

Key points in this area are: 

  • Effluent disposition and chemistry
  • Lifetime field strategy and basis
  • Chemical injection scheme
  • Material assessment and selection
  • Corrosion protection scheme
  • Welding and materials qualifications
  • Material discontinuity assessment
  • Electrical heating evaluation
  • Influence of magnetic induction
  • Fracture mechanics 

This activity is performed in most projects but at different levels. Some of active projects are listed below:

  • Johan Castberg
  • Johan Sverdrup
  • Luno II
  • Troll Phase 3
  • Dvalin