Quality, health, safety & environment

Null skader, vårt overordnede mål!

Zero injuries, our overall objective!

• We shall instill confidence among our customers, and safety and well-being among our employees
• Our working environment shall be health-beneficial to prevent injury and illness
• We shall adhere to laws, regulations and code of ethics
• HSE is our most important internal work component
• No operation has priority over safety
• HSE is a line responsibility in the entire organization
• Everyone is responsible for both their own and the safety of others
• We recognize the UN’s sustainability goals and human rights, and base them on the activities
• Risk must be managed to prevent loss and create values
• We shall prevent pollution and reduce negative environmental impact
• We shall reduce the amount of waste and optimize our use of resources
• We shall take social responsibility
• We shall involve our employees
• We shall secure our own and our stakeholder’s values, areas and information

Together with our employees, clients and suppliers we shall continually improve our procedures and routines in environmental management.

We believe that social commitment will result in savings for our clients and new business possibilities for The IKM Group.

Each IKM company shall establish its own objectives in order to comply with The IKM Group’s overall policy and values.