025 CIRK SS316 EXD Filter Unit


Apart from in-line filters in hydraulic- and lube oil systems, it is an advantage to initiate further care of the hydraulic and lube oil through an external filter unit, for instance oil filling and off-line filtering of oil reservoirs.

In order to prevent negative and uncontrolled effects to the hydraulic- and lube oil system by using contaminated methods for handling and decanting of the system oil, as well as contamination of the system by adding new oil which is not completely clean oil, should always be filled through a fine filter in an external filter unit.

For use in systems where pressure or return filters are impractical.

The unit is fitted with a particle filter and a water absorption filter, suitable for water-condensed oil. The filter unit is equipped with a 400 V., 1.1.kW., 16 A. electrical motor approved for operation in Zone 1 gas area.

9000387.025.CIRK.EXD.SS316 Filter unit

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