About us

The company was established in 2003 and is located at Tananger, Norway. IKM Offshore Service (previous IKM Services) has grown to be one of the the country's largest suppliers of operations personnel.

The company supplies personnel within most fields related to operations assistance. The most important customers are oil companies, rig companies and the Norwegian offshore shipbuilding industry.

IKM Service makes sure that the personnel maintain the Norsok R-003 standard and the company has a very low rate of abscence due to sickness.

This is the sixth year that IKM Offshore Service (IKM Services) supplies operations personnel to Conoco Phillips.

Our strengths
• Motivated personnel
• Competent personnel on short notice
• IKM Service customises total solutions together with the customers
• IKM Service focuses on effective and safe implementation of the different tasks
• IKM Service prioritises multiple skills for their personnel

Our goal
To become Norway's largest supplier of operations personnel.


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