Construction / MC Commissioning

MC & Commissioning

MC and Commissioning services for all disciplines. We have several engineers, technicians and mechanics with extensive experience in Mechanical Completion and Commissioning performance and management. This type of service has been provided in projects in Norway and abroad, for example Korea and Thailand.

IKM Operations provide services within MC and Commissioning.

  • MC and Commissioning management
  • Preparation of MC and Commissioning documentation/procedures
  • Preparation of MC and Commissioning plans
  • Performance of MC and Commissioning
  • Performance of preservation

References / assignments:

  • Total/Equinor: Support for commissioning and completion for Martin Linge in Korea, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Offshore.
  • Engie/Neptune: MC and Commissioning at Stord for the Gjøa platform 
  • Lotos Petrobaltic: Commissioning Management contract