Operational support

IKM Operations - driftsstøtte

IKM Operations has a multidisciplinary engineering and technicians department.
We carry out preventive and corrective maintenance and minor modifications:

  • First line engineering support for operation and maintenance
  • Planning and technical support for campaign maintenance.
  • Engineering, prefabrication and performance of minor modifications
  • Follow-up campaign maintenance
  • Follow-up and planning of turnarounds

Execution of:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Campaign maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Engineering, prefabrication and performance of minor modifications
  • Document support function

         -    CAD modelling (PDMS)
         -    Document handling
         -    LCI functions

Examples of maintenance tasks that we perform:

  • PSV calibration
  • Maintenance/engineering support of electrical equipment including Thermo inspection
  • Maintenance/certification of lifting equipment
  • Instrument calibration
  • Maintenance/engineering of pumps, valves and filters
  • Maintenance/engineering HSE
  • Maintenance/engineering/service for diesel engines
  •  Maintenance/engineering hydraulic packages
  • Maintenance/engineering of miscellaneous process packages (for example. De-hydration, el-chlorination)
  • Inspection service Topsite, pipe and hull
  • Maintenance/engineering of pneumatic doors