Offshore laboratory Services

Offshore laboratory services - On-site analysis

Offshore laboratory Services
We provide experienced chemists, mobile laboratory units, and analytical equipment for offshore installations and rigs.

IKM Production Technology provides the following services for offshore chemical analysis:

Mobile lab services for well testing and temporary laboratory facilities. 
This service consists of a 20ft containerised laboratory cabin fitted with fume cupboard, lab benches and an assortment of analytical equipment that can be selected on demand. This type of set-up is most often used in conjunction with well testing operations where typical analyses would include: Oil in water, water in oil, mercury in gas and oil, sulphur compounds (H2S, COS and RSH), gas chromatography and oilfield water scaling elements. 

Management of operator owned offshore laboratory facilities
We provide offshore laboratory chemists for the day to day running of offshore process/fiscal systems. Responsibilities will typically include: sampling, oily water discharge analysis, Sales gas/oil fiscal analyses, gas chromatography, ion chromatography, stock control, process chemical dosing, water injection quality control, and high pressure sampling at wellhead/separator.

On-site lab