Production and assembly

IKM Stainless Technology offers flexible and efficient production solutions. We handle everything from concept and design to the installation of the finished product.

IKM Stainless Technology

During the design phase, we take into account all conditions and find great solutions for the final construction. Use the design tool Solid Edge, we design and plan everything related to the product the customer needs.

Our workshops are home to a range of equipment that covers all our needs in terms of ensuring good, rapid production. We have high levels of skills in sheet metal working and welding of all types of rust-resistant materials.

We can also install finished equipment on site for the end user upon customer request. This applies both onshore and offshore.

Safety and environmental considerations during the production process are always an area of focus. We work to ensure that we achieve the most sustainable operation possible, while focusing on how both we and our customers can use our products in a way that has the least impact on the environment.

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