Welding stainless steel

IKM Stainless Technology offers specialist products made from rust-resistant materials for the oil and gas industry, onshore industry and the food industry.

IKM Stainless Technology

At IKM Stainless Technology, we have specialised in welding stainless steel - also known as acid-resistant welding.

Our staff have high levels of expertise and knowledge on what can be done with different rust-resistant materials such as aluminium, 904L, 316L, 304L, 22Cr Duplex, 25 Cr, Super Duplex and 6Mo. We can find the best solution and the best materials regardless of whether we are producing tanks, process equipment or large, customised products.

Stainless materials are well-suited to use in environments that are subject to wind and rain, or in the food industry or in chemical processing where hygiene is of the utmost importance.
For us, it is essential that we deliver quality at every stage of the process - whether we are creating individual products such as fittings or steps, or bigger structures such as process equipment or customised products.

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