Code of ethics

Code of ethics in the IKM Group

• Internationally recognized human rights will be followed at all times.
• There will be no discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race / nationality, age, religion, disability  or political conviction.
• All employees are free to join a trade union.
• IKM will at all times follow applicable labour legislation, signed collective agreements and our set of company values.
• IKM will conduct its business in a way that has the minimum possible impact to the environment.
• IKM shall at all times try to avoid using minerals that are mined and sold from countries where armed conflicts, oppression and violence are occuring.
• IKM will ensure that no child labour is used in the performance of work by us or our sub-contractors.
• IKM will ensure that at any time no unlawful payments are made to private individuals  or companies in order to achieve preferential treatment.


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