About us

IKM Subsea-om selskapet

IKM Subsea is an independent ROV and subsea operator with our own Merlin technology. We carry out ROV operations across the globe on a daily basis.

With around 200 employees and more than 25 ROV systems, we are one of the leading ROV operators in the world.

In addition to our own working Merlin ROVs developed and produced in house, we have a fleet of observation ROVs.

Our own Merlin technology, knowledge, high tech workshop and unique subsea expertise mean we are able to supply innovative solutions for the agreed price, at the agreed time and at the agreed quality.

IKM Subsea's head office is located in Bryne, Norway. We also have subsidiaries in Aberdeen, Kuala Lumpur, UAE and Singapore. 


The company was established in 2007 and has gradually grown organically. Our skilled offshore personnel have carried out in excess of 1000 projects over the past decade in engineering, survey, drill support, IMR, installation/intervention, decommissioning, anchor-management work, SURF, cable installation, renewable energy projects and ROV Tooling.

In 2017, we became the first company to operate an WROV on a commercial basis from our onshore control centre in Bryne, Norway. The ROVs were active in the Snorre B and Visund fields for Equinor in the North Sea. As part of the same contract, we were also the first company to supply a Resident ROV that is mobilised on the seabed for up to 3 months at a time.