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IKM Subsea

IKM Subsea is an independent ROV and subsea operator. We are the one in the industry with the longest experience and was the first operator to demonstrate a successful track record in the development and use of electric WROVs. This experience has been fundamental for placing IKM Subsea at the forefront in the ROV industry. With around 250 employees and more than 25 ROV systems, we are today one of the leading ROV operators in the world.


IKM Subsea’s head office is located in Bryne, Norway. We also have offices in UK, Brazil, Ghana, Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore.
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Efficiency, experience & great service!

The company was established in 2007 and has gradually grown. Today IKM Subsea delivers ROV-operations in all markets but is not too large to lose its flexibility and determination to achieve optimal results in each assignment given. Read more about our professionals here

Our skilled offshore personnel have carried out in excess of 1000 projects over the past decade in engineering, survey, drill support, IMR, installation/intervention, decommissioning, anchor-management work, SURF, cable installation, renewable energy projects and ROV Tooling. Read more about our smart ROV operations here

Key figures:

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Our Customer Promise: This is smarter!

The experience of IKM Subsea is smarter deliveries. It is something everyone in IKM Subsea works to achieve. Our customers will be able to measure and experience this through:
Increased operational efficiency, reduced cost and carbon footprint.