Onshore Control Center

Control centre onshore

As part of the digitalizing and emergence of remote technologies in the subsea industry, IKM Subsea, a leading edge technology provider, are proud to present our innovative onshore control center, delivering the capacity to operate our ROV Subsea vehicles on projects and missions in the subsea offshore sector.

IKM Subsea have now collected a vast and proven experience in providing commercial remote ROV roperations from an onshore base location. This RROV remote operational support has been provided, on a 24/7-365 basis since May 2017.

IKM Subsea have harnessed indisputable knowledge and insight coupled with good experience, and a solid track record in the performance and provision of remote RROV operations. To join us on the journey, please get in touch and learn how we can support, add value and help to improve your cometetiveness and efficiencies within your subsea operations.