IKM Tech Team Solutions provides expert services to the oil and gas industry.

  • Calculation and drawing of equipment and steel structures.
  • Specialist company for finite element analytics.
  • Very high competence in crane and lifting technology and material handling.

Material handling
The company has long-term experience and delivers all types of engineering services associated with assembly-dismantling-moving of all possible equipment (heavier units). Material handling studies, philosophy, plans, method development, crane load list, load list calculations, dropped object analyses. 

Material handing data sheet
We prepare data sheets per TAG using existing material handling plan as basis. The data sheets are drawn up with detailed technical information and images of each piece of equipment such as, unit weight, attachment point details, necessary lifting equipment, description of handling, transportation route, handling plans.

Rigging and handling
The company has long and extensive experience in handling and installation of all types of heavy equipment. We provide engineering services, method development and customised equipment for lifting and rigging, skidding, jacking.