Valhall DP – Rig Access Project

IKM Tech Team Solutionshas assisted BP and Aker Solutions with method selection and design of specialized equipment for relocation of the offshore crane from east crane pedestal to the west crane pedestal. Tech Team Solutions have been method responsible for the crane relocation during all phases of the project. During the apprise study we evaluated alternative solutions such as skidding and alternative mobile cranes. During the select phase we went further with evaluation of alternative mobile cranes and selected the alternative with use of a 500 telescopic crane. Detailed engineering and planning of the operations have been performed during the Define and Execute phase.

The work also included engineering of modifications related to the crane relocation such as new boom rest, new pedestal adapter and modification of access and escape routes in the existing west crane pedestal.

Hod – Material Handling Studies
IKM Tech Team Solutions has performed several studies of alternative material handling philosophies at the Hod installation. A jack up rig will be used for plugging and abandonment of the wells, and the cantilever limits the operation of the offshore crane.

The following studies have been performed :
• A feasibility study evaluating alternative solutions including modification of the offshore crane with a telescopic mid section. The study included design development of the telescopic crane boom including load chart calculations and installation method.
• A material handling study developing a material handling philosophy during simultaneous operations. The study included installation and operation of a SIMOPS crane at the main deck.

Gyda Cassion Clamp
IKM Tech Team Solutions has assisted IK and CAN with engineering activities in relation to installation of riser clamps at Gyda.
• Clamp analysis – IK
• Clamp installation – CAN
–Method development
–Hydrodynamic calculations
–Rigging calculation
–Rigging procedure

Valhall Transformers – Replacement Procedures
IKM Tech Team Solutions performes engineering activities in relation to replacement procedures on Valhall:
• Onshore preparation
• Onshore transport
• Offshore lifting arrangement
• Offshore replacement
• Skidding procedure
• Onshore transformer replacement

Skarv – Transformer Replacements
IKM Tech Team Solutions has performed engineering activities in relatation to replacement of 3 different transformers at Skarv:
• Replacement procedure
• Design and calculations
• Purpose built lifting equipment
• Transport frame
• Offshore lifting
• On-board sea-fastening
• Guiding system – Lifting trough hatches
• Deck strength calculations


Drop Test Analysis – Transport Frame
IKM Tech Team Solutions has performed lifting analysis and drop test analysis of a DnV 2.7-3 transport frame. The drop test analysis simulated the drop test requirements stated in DnV 2.7-3. This analysis can be utilized to avoid testing and risk of damage to expensive equipment.

Alvheim – Dismantling of Bundle
 IKM Tech Team Solutions has performed a concept study evaluation alternative equipment design for dismantling of a cooler bundle. The study evaluated use of a monorail system and a skidding frame system. The study focused on method development and equipment design.

IKM Tech Team Solutions possesses Regulatory and Certification Capabilities / Competences within the following areas:
• Regulatory competence (NPD, PSA, NORSOK, DNV, API, ANSI, ISO)
• Lead auditor (ANSI 45.2.23)
• Lead auditor for NPD/PSA towards all Norwegian and International operators on the Norwegian Shelf (79-84)
• Lead auditor for NPD/PSA towards all Norwegian and International drilling contractors on the Norwegian Shelf (85-91)
• Lead auditor for NPD/PSA towards contractors for EPCI deliveries on the Norwegian Shelf (85-91)
• Responsible for preparation and 1st revision of NORSOK D 010
• Responsible for the ISO 9001 certification of RC Consultant (94)
• Responsible for ISO 9001:2008 certification of ACONA (2012)
• Responsible for ISO 9001:2008 certification of Ambio Tech Team (2013)
• Responsible for OHSAS 18001 certification of Tech Team Solutions (2014)
• Assisting in ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification of ResQ (2014)
• Responsible for ISO 9001:2008 , 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 certification of Ambio Helse (planned completion by June 2015) 

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