Subsea modifications

IKM Tech Team Solutions is the experienced contractor running x mas trees on wire from IMR vessels. Trees are placed in a frame (Corral) sea-fastened to deck on the DP vessel. The background for the Tech Team approach using vessel of opportunity for running x mas trees on wire, is hands on experiences in conceptual, design, engineering and installation during 6 years of operation on the Ormen Lange Field.

Our experience includes conceptual, design and engineering of the equipment required for sea-fastening, launching, connecting, testing and recovery (if required) of x mas trees.

The work is based on extensive strength calculations of the x mas tree launching/recovery equipment, splash zone calculation, crane tip movement, weather limitations etc.

The vessel of opportunity phrase means that we can use any construction IMR vessel on the market for installing x mas trees. With this principle the x mas trees are placed in a frame (Corral) which is sea-fastened to deck on the DP vessel, equipped with active heave compensated crane. It is further more preferable that the IMR vessel has two work-over ROVs on-board. The Mob/Demob time for the work is approximately 2 days. The x mas trees will be operated by an ROV HPU Skid which can perform x mas tree valve operations as well as barrier testing. This means that there is no requirement for a work-over control system on the vessel, i.e. no down-line umbilical is required, and hence no risk for hydrocarbons exposure or SUT requirement.


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