Life of Field Services

IKM Technology Variable Buoyancy System

IKM Technology provides services from cradle to grave. We support the industry with the following services:


Special projects & custom solutions

We offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services in cooperation with third parties. Our strength lies in key focus areas where our highly experienced project management and engineering teams bring relevant, industry specific experience and expertise to solve complex challenges.

We have helped our customers solve challenges related to the following:  

  • Special subsea tooling or equipment
  • Repair and upgrade of subsea equipment



  • Field development
  • Life extension
  • New solutions
  • Technical verifications



IKM Technology offers a wide range range of subsea tools. Ranging from small ROV operated subsea saws to large subsea diamond wire saws. 

All of our tools are designed to be effective and user-friendly based on years of experience and field proven designs. 

We have a large in-house subsea tool pool and offer a wide range of interfaces and custom solutions.

Please see for tools available for rental.