Subsea Robotic Solutions

IKM Technology provides all electric ROV systems to the market.

IKM Technology

IKM Technology specializes in the production and development of electrical Work Class ROVs and custom ROV systems.

In close collaboration with IKM Subsea we have developed the IKM ROV system design, known as the ‘Merlin’ system within the subsea industry, representing state of the art electrically powered, work class ROVs. Under continuous improvement and development since its inception in year 2000.

The Onshore Control Center and the newly developed Merlin Tether Management System (MTMS) serves as proof of our ability to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries within the industry. A reliable design with built-in redundancy on all critical functions.

IKM Technology UCV


Services offered:

  • Custom-made ROV System design and development
  • Design and product development of ROV technology and associated tooling
  • Installation engineering and tailoring to dedicated vessels and rigs
  • Manufacturing of complete ROV systems and prototypes
  • Service and support