Special tools

Subsea Marker, Subsea Gas sampling Unit, Subsea Docking Probe, Subsea Magnetic Handle, Subsea Torque Wrench.



Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic power pack
The HPU is designed for use with TMS.


Subsea camera bracket

Subsea camera bracket-50mm
50mm camera holder. The Bracket fits 50mm cameras but it can be
modified to fit other cameras also.

Docking probe

Subsea docking probe
Hydraulic operated, fail safe opening. Ideal for docking of ROV, ROV/RIT tools.

Hole saw 

Reinforcement bit 70 MM
The Reinforcement bit consist of a Hole saw for steel cutting attached to a bit holder / drill adapter.



Subsea ROV torque wrench
ROV operated Torque Wrench. Sometimes controlled high torque is required and this is the tool for such operations.


Gas sampling unit
L=1657 - W=Ø400mm


Subsea marker

Subsea marker
Perfect solution when marking of underwater items are required to be performed by ROV.


Suction pad

Subsea suction pad
L=481 - W=Ø245mm


Magnet tool

Subsea magnet handle - 450kg
Magnet Tool, intended to be used as an additional handle for work class ROV’s.


Magnet tool

Subsea magnet handle - 1000kg
Magnet Tool, intended to be used as an additional handle for work class ROV’s.


Subsea PH Probe

DTB Vastveit Subsea PH Probe
Uses two PH sensors to measure and log PH value of sea water


Beta Gamma detector

Subsea Geiger counter
Geiger-Muller tube, halogen-quenched thin wall Beta-Gamma detector


All equipment are available for rental and sale.

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