High pressure technology


Pump P160/P200:

Resato air-driven pumps operate on the simple but efficient principle of an automatic reciprocating differential area piston. A relatively large air-operated piston is connected to a smaller high pressure piston to convert compressed air flow into fluid flow at high pressure.
Download HP pumps P160 data sheet

Gas Booster B160/B200:

The complete range of air driven gas boosters is available in type B160 for normal flow rates and in type B200 for higher flow rates and higher pressures. Resato air driven gas boosters are suitable for transfer and pressurization of a wide range of gases, e.g. Nitrogen, Helium, CO2, Argon and breathing air.
Download Gas  Booster B160 data sheet

If you want to be flexible in your locations for testing objects, the RPS power pack is a suitable test system that provides pressures up to 4200 bar. Through its self-contained and portable design, the RPS is a convenient device that can be moved easily.
Download RPS System data sheet


The workshop test system SLU is a system with which you can test objects quick and easy in a fixed workhop setting. Through its design the test objects are filled rapidly via the large orifice tubing and by-pass check-valve, and objects can be quickly serial tested by pre-setting the pressure.
Download SLU test unit series data sheet

HPU + RTC 1500:

With the HPU you can test objects with a hydraulic pressurization test system that is fully adaptable to your requirements. The HPU has a solid workshop design and offers the possibility to be integrated in your production process, which makes that the HPU can offer you a reliable test function that streamlines your operation process.

Because of its spacious stainless steel test compartment the RTC 1500 is a well-suited workshop system for testing large objects. The RTC 1500 is particularly designed to test these objects in an easy, quick and user-friendly way. By which the large pneumatic operated cover lid ensures easy and quick loading and unloading of the test objects.
Download HPU system RTC 1500 data sheet


With the HPU-sep in combination with a Resato test system you can create a test bay setting. The high pressure test system and the test object are positioned in the test bay and the HPU-sep control panel is placed in a separate control room. This results in a fully separated setup with no high pressure components outside of the test bay, which offers you safe test circumstances.
Download HPU sep data sheet  

Containerized Test Bay:

Pressure testing ability on different locations? Searching for a ready-to-go high pressure testing solution in your workshop? The Resato PPU containerized pressure test-bay will deliver you just that!
Due to the flexible design of the PPU, we can easily incorporate your specific dimension, logistic, handling or testing requirements. From stacked container for high objects, open top, opening front and back doors to extendible overhead cranes.
Download Containerized test bays data sheet

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