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IKM Testing provides improved methods for the tightening of bolted flange connections. These methods of tightening are essential for systems that are exposed to severe operating conditions or where a correct stress distribution in the bolted joint is required. These methods of controlled tightening are commonly referred to as Bolt Torquing and Bolt Tensioning. They are two totally different methods of bolt tightening, one is a gradual method of induced load and the other instantaneous. Torque tightening involves the rotation of the nut on its bearing surface and is highly dependant on correct and adequate lubrication, whilst tensioning induces the load axially, by stretching the bolt within the elastic limits of its material to supply the desired bolt load.

IKM Testing has extensive experience in the execution of controlled tightening to any bolted joint and the provision of mechanical joint integrity. Our skilled technicians will provide a leak free joint on process systemconnections and offer the added assurance of a leak free start up.

Bolt Tightening (Tensioning)
• Hydraulic Load Cells to provide specified bolt stresses to any flanged or mechanical joint configuration
• High level of accuracy
• Even load distribution across the joint
• Normally 50% tool cover
• Easy to handle

Torque Tightening
• Hydraulic torque wrenches
• Low profile or square drive mode of operation
• Reliable and versatile tools
• Single or multi wrench applications
• Controlled and safe method of tightening
• Extensive range of accessories

Additional Services
• Hand torque tightening
• Nut splitters
• Flange Spreaders
• Flange Alignment
• Flange and bolt protectors
• Subsea tensioning systems
• Special tooling packages

• On site engineering services
• Technical support services
• Torque and Tensioning calculations
• Bolt working procedures
• Bolting specifications
• Data sheets
• Competence in gasket and sealing technology

Scope of use
• Offshore, topside and subsea installations
• During construction and life of plant operations
• Refineries, petro-chemical and process plant
• During construction and life of plant operations
• Hook up and commissioning.
• Subsea pipelines, manifolds and riser connections
• Steel constructions (civil) - framework and structures
• Crane manufacture and installation
• Vessel/pump/valve manufacture 

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