Chemical cleaning

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The presence of internal scale and its removal is a major challenge in process systems and its ancillary equipment. IKM Testing is working proactively together with its customers to find a effectual manner of solution. Modern chemistry and technology gives industry access to more accommodating chemicals. These new mixtures and their usage will maximise system efficiency, maintain production economies and give an assurance on the protection of the environment. IKM Testing procedures are evolved to meet the highest demands of environmental legislation, and the products we use have been created to meet present day requirements.

Industry has placed a greater emphasis on long intervalls between cleaning/maintenance, hence requiring improved chemicals and methods. IKM Testing has devised cleaning methods that can be used during decommissioning activities. Chemical cleaning methods can also be utilised where there has been the potential of LSA/NORM polluted scale.

At completion of the cleaning process, the waste scale can be separated from the chemical mixture for further treatment.

• Removal of organic and inorganic scale/desalination
• Extended maintenance intervals
• Increased efficiency of equipment
• Increased efficiency of process systems
• Environmentally friendly ‘non hazardous’
• Improved plant economics

• Equipment for chemical cleaning available to meet any system requirements
• Ability to use existing system equipment
• Water blasting/hydrojetting equipment
• Electric/air/diesel driven equipment
• Can be performed in classified areas/offshore zones

• User friendly
• Environmentally friendly
• Biologically degradable
• Water based
• Non - Corrosive
• Non - Flammable
• Non - Chlorine
• OLF/HOCNOF approved

Additional Services
• Removal of barium sulphate, silicon, calcium carbonate
• Online cleaning of systems and components
• Dynamic chemistry
• Removal of LSA/NORM scale

Scope of use
• Opening of plugged systems, pipes or valves
• The refurbishment of mechanical equipment/vessels/tanks
• For increased efficiency of heat exchangers
• Cleaning of process systems and their support systems

• Link to PDF Brochure for chemical cleaning.
• Link to EQUIPMENT within chemical cleaning.

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