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The passivation and preservation of pipeline systems is normally associated with the decommissioning and abandonment of installations and is normally performed by use of the following options; nitrogen, steam, water, ultra high pressure jetting or mechanical cleaning. Method selection is normally dependant on the system to be treated content and the pipe specification.

These processes will remove hydrocarbons, scale, mud, burnt oil and other residues found on internal surfaces and they will also remove marine growth and shellfish from external surfaces. Waste and effluent is collected and treated in accordance with current and specific environmental directives and are certified as free of hydrocarbons.

Onshore and offshore certified equipment is available from our wide range of stocks and include steam generators, nitrogen equipment and high pressure jetting units.

IKM Testing has extensive experience in the removal of hydrocarbons prior to shutdown and during decommissioning activities.

Scope of use
• Passivation of process pipes in contact with Hydrocarbons
• Cleaning of pipeline system for reuse
• Preparatory work prior to removal of offshore installations or individual process systems (Decommissioning/Cessation)
• Abandonment/passivation of refinery, chemical processing or other onshore installations
• Preservation of redundant/ closed systems and installations
• Cleaning of structures, removal of scale, organic material and marine growth

Steam Cleaning
• Removal of solidified hydrocarbons
• Scale removal and drainage from the inner walls of pipelines
• High capacity steam generators (certified for offshore usage)

Water as a Tool/U.H.P
• Internal and external cleaning of pipelines, equipment and surfaces
• Rotating hose or nozzle configuration
• Hydrojetting pressure up to 37000 psi
• Component conversions for UHP operations
• Cleaning and removal of obstructions in pipes
• Removal of burnt scale
• Ability to crush and then transport residues out of the pipeline

Mechanical cleaning
• Waste treatment
• Destruction
• Waste management
• Industrial vacuum cleaners

Additional services
• Nitrogen purging for removal of hydrocarbons
• Cold cutting
• Pre-engineering and preparation of work packages and procedures
• HSE system, assessments and analysis
• Gel pigging of pipelines prior to passivation/decommissioning operations

• Link to PDF Brochure for decommissioning.
• Link to EQUIPMENT within decommissioning.

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