Hot oil flushing

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Cleanliness of systems is paramount prior to production and certification of cleanness is essential during the construction/commissioning phases of any project. Typically systems such as lube oil, BOP, Wellhead Control and umbilical all require certification of cleanliness. Other tubing and piping systems may also have this requirement for cleanness.

IKM Testing have oil flushing units with the desired range of reservoir capacities, pump output pressure and delivery suitable for all pipeline dimensions and configurations, oil types and viscosity. Analysis to determine the cleanness of systems can be achieved by two methods manually by microscopic analysis or automatically by computerised online particle counting.

Verification of cleanliness to standards such as ISO 4406 or NAS 1683 will identify particle and water content. Flushing units with diesel or electrical drives can be supplied, to be used onshore and offshore with the required certification.

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