HVAC cleaning


Air quality and indoor climate are vital factors for well-being. Raised awareness involving the dangers of bad air quality has increased the focus on cleaning of HVAC systems.

IKM Testing can provide simpler and more efficient methods to HVAC cleaning than what is traditionally used. New methods are developed based on environmental requirements, safety, efficient execution and documentation. Temporary ventilation can be installed whilst cleaning is in progress.

• Bad air quality
• Odour and moisture
• Allergy reactions
• Sleepyness and dizziness
• Health/safety risk
• Fire hazard

• Survey, inspection and mapping
• Internal cleaning of entire HVAC systems
• Removing grease and dirt
• Removing odour and aroma matter
• Removing fertile infection conditions
• Removing corrosion
• Improving system efficiency

• Dry ice tools
• Rotating brushes
• Manually/remote operated equipment
• Inspection equipment
• Exhaust fan
• Filters

• Gentle cleaning with dry ice
• Rotating and fixed nozzles
• Video inspection
• Mechanical cleaning/brushes
• Chemical cleaning
• Inspection

Scope of use
• Ventilation kitchen/galley
• Ventilation workshop
• Air shafts in accomodation units
• Offices
• Education premises
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Ships

• Link to PDF Brochure about HVAC cleaning
• Link to EQUIPMENT.

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