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IKM Testing provides nitrogen/helium (N2/He) commissioning leak testing and other associated nitrogen services on any pipeline or process system during construction of new plant or equipment. These services can be provided during the commissioning phases of new constructions or following modification and upgrade to existing process piping or plant. These services can also be provided to production installations offshore and to petrochemical, refining and process plant onshore.

IKM Testing have developed into one of the leading companies for the provision of nitrogen helium testing and have extensive stock levels which include pumps, tanks, vaporisers and other ancillary equipment. All equipment is certified for both onshore and offshore operations.

Scope of use
* Purging during shut down and maintenance programmes
* Leak testing of new process plant and system
* Leak testing following system shut down, maintenance or modification
* Test run and start up of compressors ‘live simulation’
* Commissioning of pipelines

Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing
* Gas booster and N2 bottles for testing of process and piping systems with low volume and pressure
* Nitrogen pump and LN2 tank for testing of larger volume/ higher pressure process and piping systems
* Remote and portable leak detectors (mass spectrometer)
* Ultrasonic integrity test to process and piping system valves
* Silencer fitted during bleed-off

Nitrogen pumping/testing
* Topping up of accumulators and nitrogen systems
* Preservation of piping system
* Preservation and drying of pipelines and large systems
* Soundproofed units
* Over Pressure Protection Skid (O.P.P.S)

Nitrogen Purging
* LN2 tank and vaporiser at low pressure
* Nitrogen pump and LN2 tank at higher pressure and larger volume
* For removal of the oxygen (O2) content in a piping system to avoid explosive mixtures when hydrocarbon are introduced
* For the removal of hydrocarbon liquids and gasses in piping systems

Nitrogen Generation
* On site generation of nitrogen
* Perfect when infrastructure/logistics provides difficulties
* Only needs compressed air
* Purity typically 95% - 99% N2

Additional Services
* Pipe freezing and plugging
* Foaming for neutralisation and Isolation
* Simulation of live conditions e.g. system test, at or close to, the working pressure during compressor testing or instrument calibration

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