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IKM Testing’s Subsea department performs all services related to pre-commissioning and commissioning of pipeline systems, including maintenance of existing pipes and pressure systems. We work actively together with our clients to find optimal technical solutions, accommodating efficiency, environment and economy.

This is a series of operations that needs to be done in order to prepare a subsea pipeline system for use/filling of product.

These operations normally come after pre-commissioning and begin with introduction of the line matter/product into the system, followed by pressurisation up to operational pressure. This may be done in one single operation.

A wide range of operations need to be done frequently when existing pipelines shall be kept up to date. Examples of servicing may include wax removal or change of use, e.g. from production to water injection.

FEED (Front End Engineering & Design)
To ensure that all pre-commissioning and commissioning activities may be done in a sensible and cost efficient way, IKM Testing performs FEED studies in the design phase of subsea development projects. These studies include – in addition to a description of how the pre-commissioning operations can/should be done for that specific system – functional requirements for e.g. pig traps, connection points, dimensioning of piping and valve placement.

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