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Preservation is a description of the activities that are primarily performed to maintain the quality of a component(s), and to reduce future loss in value or effectiveness. Preservation can be simply a ‘physical’ covering by the use of wrapping products or by the provision of a protective coating in the form of a fluid, powder, solid tablet, wax or grease, primarily performed to provide long or short term protection against detrimental effects from external elements.
IKM Testing provides all services required in the performance of this work from planning, front-end engineering, formulation of manuals, purchasing of preservation materials and the provision of preservation services to the customer.

Environmentally ‘friendly’ chemicals are used for the removal and prevention of corrosion to any surface type either to the internal or external surfaces of the component. Pipeline and Process systems can be injected with gas under pressure or at vacuum to prevent further detrimental penetrations.
IKM provide coverings in the form of jointed (sewn) fabric sheets, aluminium foil or tape, and in plastic, typically as covers for flanges.

Scope of use
• Pipe systems
• Pumps and engines
• Tanks, vessels and heat exchangers
• Valves
• Turbines and compressors
• Electrical cabinets
• Structures

• External or Internal waxing of component surfaces
• Internal waxing of subsea pipes/assemblies
• Automated units to enable waxing to all types of pipe material

• Environmentally friendly fogging inhibitors/chemicals injected into pipes/process systems for long term preservation
• Foam inhibitor to fill and preserve cavities
• Inhibitor can be added to fluid as a final phase in chemical cleaning or may be used in a test medium
• Reduces likelihood of future corrosion

• Covers for all pipe material in any dimension/configuration
• Bolt, nut, thread protections
• Wrapping/packaging of pipes and other components prior to long term storage
• Sale of packing/cover materials
• Sewn fabric sheets for protection of valves and other components

• Oil, wax, gel
• Nitrogen/gas
• Chemicals
• Damp phase corrosion inhibitor
• Silica gel
• Wrapping products
• Absorbent materials

• Link to PDF Brochure about preservation.
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