Tank cleaning

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IKM Testing performs cleaning of tanks offshore and onshore, cleaning of ballast tanks when damaged, large storage tanks for decommissioning and daily cleaning of tanks onboard supply vessels.

In addition to the conventional methods used with manual cleaning of the tanks, remote operated equipment is used for internal circulation/flushing, usually in combination with vacuum equipment. This is done to minimise/eliminate the use of personnel inside the tanks.

We have equipment for washing, steaming, vacuum suction, purging and inspection for all types of tanks. When necessary we will accommodate the equipment for the individual tank.

When using more recent methods for cleaning one can avoid any persons coming in contact with the waste from the cleaning process, thus allowing hazardous waste to be handled in a safer manner.

Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuum Tank Cleaning System (VTCS) has a series of advantages compared to traditional tank cleaning. The method requires less time and simplifies both the work and the waste management. The system sucks out the deposit and transports it to a tank which can be placed up to 80 meters away from the work area (several tanks may be used to avoid interruptions in the cleaning process).

The vacuum pump ensures that the deposits are sucked through the hose and directly to the storage tanks, which can then easily be transported and emptied. The hose may be handled by one person, which reduces the need for personnel considerably.

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