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IKM Testing perform internal visual inspection to any of the following components: Process piping, hvac ducting, water pipes, heat exchangers, valves, risers, process and any other specialised equipment.

Video inspection makes it possible to reach awkward accessable places like pipes and tanks.

All inspections can be documented with associated verification such as; photographs, CDs, videotape or other PC related software. The inspection equipment can be fitted with additional items such as distance counter, extra waterproof halogen lights for the inspection of tanks or large chambers and centralizing equipment which is adapted to suit the component to be inspected.

IKM Testing can assemble inspection equipment to meet any customer’s specification.

Scope of work
•  Verification of cleanliness
•  Certification
•  Measuring
•  Material control
•  Condition control
•  Verification of welds (inside colour and quality)

•  For inspection of ID above 6,2 mm
•  Automatic focus
•  High colour quality

Subsea Camera
•  For inspection of larger piping systems
•  Operates submerged in fluids
•  Rotating camera (pan and tilt)
•  Suitable for Risers
•  Waterproof halogen lighting

•  For pipe inspection with ID from 50mm
•  Can inspect several hundred meters
•  Rotating lenssystem (pan and tilt)
•  Vertification of welds

Special Solutions
•  Construction/adjustment of centralising equipment
•  Remote controls
•  Eex / zone II
•  Method of entry and means of propulsion
•  Special requirements

•  Can be delivered in video or picture format with explaining text
•  Documentation can be made on CD/DVD and in paper format

•  Link to PDF Brochure about video inspection
•  Link to EQUIPMENT within video inspection

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