About us

About us

IKM Testing Korea is a subsidiary 100% invested by IKM Group which has its head office in Sola, Norway. This company was established in Korea in 2013. IKM Testing Korea can provide multi-disciplined services required for mechanical completion and commissioning on onshore and offshore facilities. We have competent engineers and advanced equipment at our workshop in Busan, Korea to meet customer’s requirements completely.

We also provide equipment sales and rental services as well as training services.

Please find IKM Testing Korea’s services below:

Nitrogen services
•    N2/He Leak Testing
•    Nitrogen Purging/Foaming

•    Pressure and Vacuum Testing
•    Plugging Services
•    Valve Services

Cleaning services
•    Chemical Cleaning
•    Oil Flushing / Oil Fleaning
•    Hydrojetting
•    HVAC Cleaning
•    Decommissioning

Flange Work
•    Flange Management
•    Bolt Work Service
•    Flange Face Machining

Pipeline services
•    Pigging / Pipeline Service
•    Intelligent Pigging(UT/MFL)

•    Video Inspection

Maintenance and Repair 
•    Heat Exchangers Maintenance
•    Offshore Wind Facility Maintenance
•    PSV Calibration On-site

Training services
•    Flange Management and Bolting Training
•    Wind Turbine Maintenance and Bolting Training
•    Basic Technical Training for Wind Turbine Technician