Personnel and manning

IKM offers the hire of experienced personnel with the level of competence and multidisciplinary expertise required in our line of business. We strive to accommodate customer needs and provide fast, flexible delivery. The rental period can vary from a few days to several months. We have staff on site in several large-scale projects.

IKM continuously works on improving itself within traditional business areas and newer areas, and we focus on development as an attractive employer. It is to our advantage that we have many skilled workers and specialists in a wide range of disciplines.

We also have experienced staff to mobilize within the following areas:

• Engineers Topside
• Engineers Subsea
• Process technicians
• IKM staff ready to mobilize both onshore and offshore
• Project Managers - Mechanical Completion
• Inspectors
• Course Instructors and training
• Riggers
• Mechanical

  •  Operators / Technicians;
- Pigging / Service lines
- Waste disposal operations
- Transport system cuts
- Pressure Testing
- Hot Oil Flushing
- Chemical Cleaning
- Nitrogen Services
- Umbilical Services
- Video Inspection
- Bolt tightening Services
- Standby
- Preservation
- Hydrojetting
- Air treatment / compressor services
- Coding of flow / labeling
- Storage services
- Maintenance of heat exchangers
- Inspection and HVAC cleaning
- Pipefreezing
- Vacuum / Tank Cleaning
- Cleaning of contaminated oil
- Cutting of pipes / cold cutting
- Connecting clamps
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