• Length(mm):
  • Width(mm):
  • Height(mm):
  • Weight (kg):
  • Lifting/ Transportation:
    Frame with forklift channels and lifting slings. DNV 2.7-1. BS EN 12079

Area of use / certification

  • Onshore/offshore:


  • Standard:
    CE marked, built to PED and ATEX directive

Flow / Pressure / Volume

  • Q max (SCF/H):
  • P-max (bar):
  • Diesel Tank Volume (ltr):
  • Diesel consumption (ltr/hr):

Pump / Engine

  • Triplex pump:
    Hydrarig NP200
  • Boost pump:
    1.5" x 2.5" x 6" centrifugal boost pump
  • Cold-ends:
    1.625" 10,000psi cold ends (D.V. approved)
  • Vaporizer:
    10,000 psi rated vaporizer pot, (D.V. approved)
  • Motor:
    500 BHP Zone 2 diesel engine: Detroit Diesel Series 60
  • Filter LIN suction side:
    Washable strainer
  • Signal to platform at:
    Fire alarm, gas alarm, fault on gas/fire detectors
  • Air/Diesel shut down at:

    - Engine Over Speed

    - Emergency Stop

    - High Coolant Temperature

    - Low Oil Pressure

    - High Exhaust Temperature

Power supply

  • Fuse (qty):
  • Fuse (A):
  • El.Power1:
    230 V 1 phase (Utility)
  • (Hz):

Additional information

  • Equipment / Functions:

    - Hazardous area engine protection package including: exhaust gas manifold cooler, air inlet flame trap, shut down valve and exhaust spark arrestor

    - Hydraulic heat load system

    - Cooling system rated to +50 degC, 100% humidity

    Special Features:

     All cryogenic piping to be Stainless Steel type 316 or 304

     Fuel and hydraulic tanks to be Stainless Steel

     Stainless Steel floor in all areas exposed to possible cryogenic spillage

     Cryogenic long stem ball valves for liquid nitrogen circuit

     Tempering line around nitrogen vaporizer to control the gaseous nitrogen discharge temperature

     Discharge relief valve set at 11,000 psi and a gas check valve for unit

     Engine to be equipped with an air start system

     Cryogenic suction, boost pump bypass and return fittings to be 1.5" CGA

     Hydraulically operated discharge valve to be 2 x 1 valve with Danfoss actuator

     Stainless Steel engine air inlet, engine exhaust pipe work and silencer

     Solder dipped radiator suitable for onshore use up to 50 degC

     Boost pump bypass line

    Equipment Specifications:

     Certified by D.V.

     Skid mounted liquid nitrogen pumping and vaporizing system

     Designed and constructed for operation both onshore and offshore

     Engine designed to meet current requirements for engines for use in a Zone 2 area

     Power pack has a Detroit Diesel Series 60 (500 BHP) engine

     Engine loading is achieved using Denison hydraulic vane pump; the applied load being controlled by remote activation of the sequence valve. The triplex power end is a model number NP200 complete with reduction drive and hydraulic drive motor. The drive obtained using a Denison P14 variable flow, high pressure piston hydraulic pump

     1 5/8" cold end pumps DNV approved; 10,000psi working pressure, 180,000 scf/hr flow,1.5" x 2.5" x 6" centrifugal charge pump and D.V. approved high pressure vaporizer used to convert the waste heat obtained from the power pack and hydraulic circuits to useful heat for liquid nitrogen conversion

     Stainless Steel Exhaust System, with the exception of the manifold cooler, manifolds and turbocharger

    Instrumentation and Controls:

    This unit has a local panel containing all instrumentation and controls for ease of operation. The panel contains the following gauges:

     Engine Controls

     Start / Stop

     Emergency Stop

     Engine RPM

     Oil Pressure

     Air Pressure

     Water Temperature

     Engine Speed Control

     Hour Meter

     Nitrogen HP Pump and Discharge System

     Hydraulic Pressure

     Hydraulic Charge Pressure

     Digital Rate Display

     Nitrogen Discharge Temperature

     Discharge Control Valve

     Pump Speed Control

     Lubricating Oil Pressure and Temperature

     Hydraulic Oil Temperature

     Vaporizer Circuit Temperature