• Item type:
    Zerust AxxaClean ICT 620-RR
  • Item no.:
  • Characteristics:
    Zerust®/Excor® AxxaClean™ ICT®620-RR is an effective and safe* rust remover that recovers rusted parts. Simply soak items in the ready to use liquid to remove rust on surfaces and in hard to reach areas. Treatment time depends on the severity of the rust.
  • Unit of delivery:
    208 ltr. (55 gallon)


  • Corrosion Removal Power:
    Light to medium rust, even in cracks and crevices
  • Speed:
  • Metals Treated:
  • Application methods:
    Immersion, Brush-on, Spray
  • pH Level:
    Neutral pH of about 7
  • Temperature for use:
    21°C or above
  • Compatibility:
    Safe for metals*, paint, gaskets, rubber, plastics (*Test before use on zinc and cadmium)
  • Post-cleaning action:
    Do not let product dry on surface. Recommended DI or RO water rinse. Wipe off and dry well.
  • Corrosion Protection:
    Additional corrosion protection needed
  • Shelf life and handling:
    2 years from date of shipment when stored out of sunlight and in original packaging.

Other Information

  • Benefits:

    - Rapidly removes rust and tarnish

    - Inhibits flash corrosion on treated surfaces

    - No VOC’s, CFC’s, silicones or heavy metals

    - Compatible with most metals, painted surfaces, rubber and elastomers

    - Does not leave staining or dark carbon residues

    - Cleaned metals are ready to be painted or welded

  • Safety:
    - Safe to use and handle. Product is not hazardous for people or the environment according to EU (CLP) or OSHA HazCom 2012 (US GHS). - Product in unopened original container prior to use does not meet criteria for hazardous waste according to 40 CFR 261 (no components listed on F, K, P or U lists; not ignitable, not corrosive, not reactive and not toxic).