• Item type:
    Zerust Axxanol 33 Oil
  • Item no.:
  • Characteristics:
    Zerust®/Excor® Axxanol™ 33 rust preventative oil provides powerful corrosion protection against aggressive environments such as salt air and humidity for ferrous and some non-ferrous metals. It provides protection for up to one year under shelter.
  • Unit of delivery:
    19 ltr. (5 gallon)

Technical Data

  • Function:

    Axxanol™ 33 is an oil-based corrosion preventive coating that is widely used as a replacement for standard oil in dipping applications. Axxanol™ 33 is a rust preventative for ferrous and some non-ferrous metals including aluminum, zinc, and copper for up to one year under shelter.

    Typical Zerust® Axxanol™ 33 applications include corrosion protection for in-line rolling mill applications, cold rolled sheet and coils, wire bar, and cast and machined metals during shipment and storage.

    Axxanol™ 33 forms a thin protective coating that can be removed with most alkaline cleaners. Use Axxanol™ 33 in conjunction with Zerust® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging for a more robust solution that provides corrosion protection for years.

  • Product Information:
    Ready to use rust preventative oil liquid. Light amber liquid coating results in a thin, oily film.
  • Application:

    - Apply via spray, electro-static spray, brush or dip

    - Application temperature: 50 to 110°F (10 to 43°C)

    - Coverage (Dip application): 400 ft2 (37 m2 ) per gal @1 mil (25 µm) thick

    - Engine Oil Compatibility†: ≤ 10% v/v

    - Removability: Alkaline or solvent cleaner

    - VOC content EPA Method 24: 1.03 lb/gal (123 g/L)

    - Flash Point ASTM D93B: >194°F (>90°C)

    - Viscosity: 20-40 cP @73°F, # 61, 50 RPM

    - Kinematic Viscosity: Approx. 20.1 cSt @ 40 °C

  • Protection Properties:

    - Indoors: Up to 1 year

    - Indoors (w/ VCI Packaging): For years

    - Outdoor: Not recommended

    - Humidity ASTM D1748: > 600 hours

    - Salt Spray ASTM B117: Up to 24 hours

    - Metal types: Multimetal protection

  • Storage:
    Store in a cool (32 to 90°F / 0 to 32°C), dry place and away from sunlight in original packaging for up to 2 years from the date of shipment.

Other Information

  • Application type:

    - Storage

    - Shipping

    - During Operation

    - May be used with Zerust® packaging

  • Benefits:

    - Proven corrosion protection

    - May be used with Zerust® VCI Film

    - Apply by spray, brush or dip

    - Multimetal protection

    - Compatible with most engine oil lubricants

    - Non-hazardous

  • Safety:
    Product in unopened original container prior to use does not meet criteria for hazardous waste according to 40 CFR 261 (no components listed on F, K, P or U lists; not ignitable, not corrosive, not reactive and not toxic).