• Item type:
    Zerust Axxanol 34CD (EU Liquid)
  • Item no.:
  • Characteristics:
    Zerust®/Excor® Axxanol™ 34CD is a solvent-based rust preventive coating that leaves a very light, oily film on the protected surface. It provides powerful corrosion protection against aggressive environments such as salt air and high temperatures for multiple metal types.
  • Unit of delivery:
    208 ltr. (55 gallon)

Technical Data

  • Function:

    Use Axxanol™ 34CD to protect parts during program changeover periods in the assembly process. After allowing metals to completely dry, place into Zerust® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging products for a more robust solution that protects for years and during challenging conditions such as ocean shipments. The coating can be removed with most alkaline cleaners or left on the surface. Its thin coating does not interfere with torque or pull-out requirements of parts and was tested by an independent lab to be compatible with engine oil.

    The Axxanol™ 34CD coated and dried parts are safe to handle and have a near dry-to-touch finish. During drying, the solvent completely evaporates, leaving behind a harmless corrosion preventative coating. End users, when handling coated parts, do not need to wear personal protection equipment such as a respirator, mask or safety glasses. Only

    clean gloves without lint or talc are recommended to keep metals free of

    corrosion and contaminants.

  • Product Information:
    Ready to use solvent-based rust preventative. Amber liquid dries to a thin, oily film that is near dry-to-touch.
  • Application:

    - Apply via spray, brush or dip

    - Application temperature: 50 to 110°F (10 to 43°C)

    - Coverage (Dip application): 115 m2 per gal

    - Layer Thickness: Approx. 1 mil (25 µm)

    - Removability: Alkaline or solvent cleaner

    - VOC content: 5.96 Lbs/gal (716 g/L) EPA Method 24

    - Flash Point: 102°F(40°C)

    - Viscosity: 1.598 cSt @ 40°C

  • Protection Properties:

    - Indoors: Up to 1 year

    - Indoors (w/ VCI Packaging): For years

    - Outdoor: Not recommended

    - ASTM B117 Salt Spray: Up to 24 hours

    - Metal types: Multimetal protection

  • Storage:
    Store in a cool (32 to 85°F / 0 to 30°C), dry place and away from sunlight in original packaging for up to 2 years from the date of shipment.

Other Information

  • Application type:

    - Storage

    - Shipping

    - During Operation

    - May be used with Zerust® VCI packaging

  • Benefits:

    - Proven corrosion protection for challenging environments

    - May be used with Zerust® VCI Film

    - Apply by spray, brush or dip

    - Near dry-to-touch thin oil

    - Multimetal protection

    - Compatible with most engine oil lubricants