• Item type:
    Zerios Wes Temporary coating
  • Item no.:
  • Characteristics:
    Zerios WES Temporary Coating (Zerios WES) can be used as a temporary, stand alone, coating to “hold” metallic elements until construction or re-entry to service commences. Zerios WES is suited to most non-immersion environments such as; drill platform decking, structural steel, architectural elements, idle tooling, tank and pipe
  • Unit of delivery:
    19 ltr. (5 gallon)

Technical Data

  • Function:
    Low volatile organic content (VOC) and corrosion resistance make this product ideal for structural steel in preparation for top coat or as a short-term preservation method during lay-up or delayed construction.
  • Product Information:
    A fast-drying alkyd, thinned with water and designed for coating prepared metal
  • Application:

    Best applied by airless spray, Zerios WES, may also be applied by brush, roll or conventional spray. Reduction is not recommended, however, water may be used in very small amounts (<10%).

    - Substrate temperature 60°-95°F., RH <81%, Dew Point > 5°F. above substrate

    - Color: Translucent to provide a more visually subtle repair

    - Volume Solids: 53% volume solids allows coverage of 550ft2/gallon at 1 mils DFT

    - Dry to touch: 30 minutes

    - Dry to recoat: 2 hours

    - Dry Hard: 24 hours

    - Wt./gal: 10,9 lbs

    - Viscosity: 85-90 KU

    - VOC: (Excluding water) <280 g/L.

    - FLash point: 109°F

    - Suggested DFT: 1-3 mils (WFT = 2-6 mils.)

  • Protection Properties:

    - Recommended applications for Zerios Conformal Coating include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

    • Radio parts

    • Electrical components

    • Internal computer parts

  • Storage:
    Shelf life: 24 months Store containers in dry, well ventilated area from 50-100F and away from direct sunlight.

Other Information

  • Application type:

    Recommended applications for Zerios WES include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Drill platform decking

    • Structural steel

    • Architectural elements

    • Idle tooling

    • Tank and pipe exteriors and more.

  • Safety:
    Always provide adequate ventilation and use appropriate organic vapor masks. Soap and water clean-up.
  • Other:
    Surface Preparation Prepare surfaces to be coated by removing all dirt, grease/oil and other contaminants. Protect adjacent areas by masking and/or drop cloth.