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    Zerust Vapor Capsule VC6-2
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  • Characteristics:
    Zerust®/Excor® Vapor Capsules are portable capsules that contain patented Zerust® VCI technology. Use to protect metals in hard to reach areas of control panels, electrical cabinets and other enclosed spaces, even when they are in operation. Or use as a supplement to other Zerust® VCI packaging products for added protection.
  • Unit of delivery:
    Package a' 4 units

Technical Data

  • Function:

    Use Vapor Capsules to protect multiple metal types from corrosion in almost any enclosure or sealed packaging. Zerust® diffusers emit Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) that prevent oxidation of the metal surface that causes rust. They provide targeted corrosion protection in hard to reach spaces and additional protection to metals in Zerust® VCI packaging applications.

    Zerust® capsules are quick and easy to install. Simply peel back the protective paper from the adhesive tape and install securely in desired location. Tightly seal the enclosure to trap protective vapor inside. Metals will be protected from rust and tarnish for up to one or two years depending on the capsule model and environment

  • Product Information:
    Zerust® Capsules are VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) diffusers. The capsules are made from recycled PE materials.
  • Application:

    - Appearance: PE-plastic capsule and foam or protective foam containing active pellets.

    - Protection Volume (Up to): 900 ft3 (25 m3)

    - Protection Radius (Up to): 6 ft (200 cm)

    - Protection Duration (Up to): 2 years

  • Protection Properties:
    - Multimetal protection for steel, iron, zinc and galvanized steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum (and alloys), nickel, tin, solder.
  • Storage:
    Store in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight for up to 2 years from the date of shipment.

Other Information

  • Application type:

    - Storage

    - Shipping

    - During Operation

    - May be used with Zerust® Packaging

  • Benefits:

    - Safe and effective corrosion protection where traditional anticorrosion methods can not be used.

    - Easy to install, economical to use.

    - Does not affect the circuit boards or sensitive components.

    - Suitable for new equipment and to protect the reliability of existing equipment.

  • Safety:
    Safe for people. This product does not pose a health hazard to users due to its classification as an article according to UN GHS, US OSHA HazCom and CA WHMIS regulations. Check REACH SDS for classification in EU.