• Item type:
    Zerust Zerion PGH-400 Corrosion Inhibitor Gel, Granular
  • Item no.:
  • Characteristics:

    Primarily used for pipeline casing applications, the PGH-300 & 400 Gel product works its way into small penetrations within the casing, and in doing so reduces the likelihood of the VCI leaking out of the casing. Additionally, it also helps minimize the ingress of contaminants outside of the casing as well.

    The Gel product can be used alone as a high viscosity gel, or combined with the FVS product and added as a slurry to the casing, offering dual protection against existing contaminants inside the casing, and slowing the ingress of contaminants outside of the casing through penetrations in the casing itself.

  • Unit of delivery:
    19 ltr. (5 gallon)

Technical Data

  • Product Information:
    Corrosion Protection for Pipe Casing, 100-500 micron
  • Application:

    - Swellable polymer. Bulk powder in pails

    - Fills annular space of pipe casing.

    - Larger granular size and increased swell time than PGH-300

  • Storage:
    Keep only in original container. Store in a dry place. Store at room temperature. Store in a well ventilated place. Keep