• Item type:
    Zerust Zerion FAN-5
  • Item no.:
  • Characteristics:
    Zerust Zerion FAN-5 and Zerion FAN-6 are used to provide corrosion protection for ferrous metals in such applications as pipeline preservation, bulk water lay-up (fire water protection) and in rinse water to reduce flash corrosion.
  • Unit of delivery:
    18 kg (40 lb)

Technical Data

  • Product Information:
    Zerust Zerion FAN-5 and Zerion FAN-6 are corrosion inhibitor powders designed for the corrosion protection of ferrous metals. The powders are dissolved into water to provide contact corrosion protection.
  • Application:
    - Typical concentration range would be 0.5% -10%. Concentration is dependent on water quality, performance requirements, and length of lay-up. - Can be combined with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) to extend protection into airspace.

Other Information

  • Benefits:

    Zerust Zerion FAN-5 and Zerion FAN-6 have the following features.

    - Neutralizes acidic species

    - Creates alkaline environment

    - Used in immersion or as a rinse

    - Non-Hazardous

    - Environmentally friendly

    - Provides long-term corrosion protection

    - Economical cost

    - Provides corrosion protection at low concentrations

    - Designed for use with potable water or better