GripTight – Double Block & Bleed Isolasjonsplugger

Positively isolate explosive vapors from hot work areas

GripTight- double block & bleed isolasjonsplugger

Våre Double Block og Bleed (DBB) plugger revolusjonerer isolering og testing av rørforbindelser. DBB pluggen gjør at operatøren kan isolere og overvåke potensielt eksplosive gasser under "varmt arbeid", for deretter utføre trykktesting av sveis med samme plugg. 

The Double Block and Bleed (DBB) plug revolutionizes isolation and testing of pipe connections. The DBB plug allows an operator to positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during “hot work”, then effectively hydrotest the new weld connection with one easy to use tool.
The aluminium/steel construction makes the tool highly portable and easy to position. The volume of water required for a test is so small that testing can be accomplished using a hand pump. This greatly facilitates testing in remote areas of the facility.

For more information on dimensions and pressure classes, download "Data Sheet" in the right menu.

Double Block & Bleed